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Calendarium culinarium
The perpetual edition

Aditya Pawar

The calendarium culinarium attempts to link the rhythms of growing seasonal food with those of domestic routines. In it you will find gentle reminders of how and when to grow a variety of seasonal vegetables. You will also be reminded to care for your garden by feeding it organic waste.

You are invited to use the calendar according to the needs of your household. You can create your own rituals around it, such as carrying out a task and writing your names down after it has been completed, or adding a list of things you want to grow in the garden other than vegetables. And remember to share the joy of gardening, working the soil, cooking and harvesting with those around you. 

This calendar was inspired by the principles of permaculture and developed during the Culture of permanence thematic residency by Gosie Vervloessem, Aditya Pawar, Aurelio Kopainig, Daniel Varadi, Sally De Kunst, Felipe Duarte, Tanja Schwarz and Julien Vuilleumier.

You can download the calendar here.

Calendarium culinarium The perpetual edition: Vous engager
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