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Recipes / Recettes

Here are a few excerpts of This Book is Yours.
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Voici quelques extraits du livre This Book is Yours.
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In a house where several people live and work together, the centre is the kitchen: the meeting place where informal exchanges happen. Such was also the case at Arc artist residency in Romainmôtier: the kitchen was the beating heart of the institution. It was a space where artists would gather when they took a break from their research, where they would cook and eat together, where other guests would join in. This book is inspired by that kitchen, by its conviviality, the sharing of food and knowledge, the experiments that took place. <read more>

Contents / Sommaire


Zopf - Sara Widmer  
Re-invent the residency - Sally De Kunst

            Structure modulair

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Gâteau au chocolat orange courgette (sans gluten et sans lactose)

Ce dessert était souvent amené par Caroline Fournier et Miguel Alarcón du Ciné-club Croy pour les repas partagés avec les artistes en résidence sur-mesure, et pour lesquel·le·s ils développaient ensuite une programmation thématique de courts-métrages.

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Calendarium culinarium
The perpetual edition

The calendarium culinarium attempts to link the rhythms of growing seasonal food with those of domestic routines. In it you will find gentle reminders of how and when to grow a variety of seasonal vegetables. You will also be reminded to care for your garden by feeding it organic waste.

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Re-invent the residency

In the privileged settings of Central, Western and Northern Europe, and moreover in privileged sectors like the fields of art and knowledge production, we have to involve ourselves in re-inventing art institutions. In an essay titled Inventing the (Art) Institution of the Commons, Gerald Raunig writes that “in times of persistent multiple crises, the moves of neoliberal institutional reformism cannot just continue as if it were business as usual”. This does not mean spectacular actions, one-off provocations, or temporary occupations, leaving the old structures unchanged. Rather it means slowly but persistently transforming the institution from within. No more naïve anti-institutionalism, no more cynical theories, no more complaining: it is time to start getting our hands dirty! <read more>

Recipes / Recettes: Vous engager
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